BuildForCOVID19 Platform is built for the  COVID-19 Global Hackathon 1.0 & Hack the Crisis Denmark. As the Corona Virus pandemic grows very rapidly and almost all major countries are now the victims of this pandemic, hence it also raises several problems in front of the government, hospitals and local and global NGOs. This platform helps Users, hospitals, government, food partners and NGOs to be in syncs so that helps can be extended out to needy at earliest.


This project solves 4 major issues through its integrated platform -

  1. It creates a hyper connection among users. After signup, users can create their full profile on the platform. They can request a free meal if there is a shortage of meals at their houses. As user request meals request, the request goes to all the local Users, Government, NGOs, and food partner. Hence, it helps to feed people while staying in isolation.
  2. By creation of an account, hospitals can raise a request for ventilators. The raised requests along with the complete profile of the hospital will be shared with associated ventilators partner and government.
  3. Through this integrated platform, users can easily donate money to fight against Corona Pandemic.
  4. Users can also ask for medical help and even request medical help on an immediate basis if they are getting any corona symptoms.


  1. This whole project is built in 2 days. Hence, it lacks some advanced features. The platform is not mobile-ready as all the CSS is natively written except a few.
  2. Endpoints of API is completely ready. Some of the changes stills require adding some advance features like payment.
  3. The whole front-end is written in Vanilla Javascript, hence here exists to move it to react.js and bring the redux for better state management.

Technologies used

node.js, express, MongoDB and mongoose, parcel, RestAPI, API testing via Postman, front-end using vanilla javascript, etc.


As the whole front-end is based on html5, css33 and almost custom CSS hence the screen is not perfect for mobile-ready devices. As the whole project is built in 2 days, hence I can't include the react.js and redux for state management. But it can be done in the future as API's endpoints are ready.


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express.js, heroku, javascript, mongodb, mongoose, node.js, parcel, restapi, sendgrid, stripe

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