Inspired by all the suffering SME in Switzerland we wanted to give the industries creative input to ready themselves for upcoming shocks. To solve the problem we used the Study Berner Fachhochschule combined with our own experiences

What it does

We made a fun, inspiring movie as a checklist with seven facts you should know about your company. It does inspire corporations to be more agile and resilient, to absorb next shocks easier and turn it to a positive outcome

How I built it

By finding most mentioned words in the study and brainstorming for solutions, including fun thoughts and our widely spread knowledge we made a checklist with the key bullets know your: customer, finance, network, tools, culture, employee and your joker card! With nudging questions we want to inspire the watching entrepreneurs to rethink those bullets.

Challenges I ran into

The study we were provided were only raw data with no conclusion provided. Also the subject has many aspects and you could do days and weeks of proper research. So we had to find an easy but still relevant way to add value.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Many aspects are considered in the result. They are presented in a creative way. And all this happened, although we had a late start on the project since in the end only three of twelve assigned team members worked on it.

What I learned

I have learned about my own value and how to collaborate with total strangers. I have gained knowledge how to target a problem and learned about many different helpful tools.

What's next for building resilient and agile organizations

Spread the video! Then gain more knowledge about what did companies do right during the corona lockdown.

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