Swiss local businesses are experiencing severe economic difficulties due to measures for the containment of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They will likely not be able to go back to their normal activity before the end of spring, and some of them risk having to cease their activity.

What it does

Our "Business As Usual" website gives shops the chance to advertise their products and allows clients to search for goods of their interest in shops located close to their homes. In order to avoid contact between different clients of the same shop, clients and vendors, and clients with the shop environments, clients make their purchase online. Using an online calendar they schedule an appointment with the vendor for collecting the purchase at the shop in a safe manner, for example at the entrance of the shop.


The first advantage of our strategy is that it allows small shops to gain major visibility as they would have by producing their own website. The online calendar booking system would also allow purchases to be made according to the current hygienic standards. As opposed to methods relying on home delivery, the strength of our method relies on the fact that it is extendable to small enterprises that do not have the capability to set up a delivery system. Indeed, via the online calendar, they would be able to fix appointments with clients in order to have them pick up the required products.

How I built it

We used the wordpress software and a host server to create our website.

Challenges we ran into

The website structure we had in mind was hard to implement because it is much more complicated than a standard e-commerce website belonging to a single enterprise. On our website, users can be either buyers or sellers, and each type of client needs to be able to perform different actions on the website. For example, a vendor needs to be able to post a product and a client needs to be able to request a slot in the shop’s calendar.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Without any previous knowledge of website editing, we were able to set up a functioning prototype.

What's next for Business As Usual

the next steps of the project are:

  • implement a geographical position filter to select shops near your position
  • discuss with swiss authorities about the hygienic value of the practices and the possibilty of allowing it
  • define the user and permission policy more clearly
  • allow the businesses to upload their catalogue on the website
  • make the booking system more authomised

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