According to World Health Organization, more than 90% population of the world is breathing toxic air everyday, where the most populated countries in the world China and India leads the board of worst air quality. Air pollution is the direct reason for 7 million deaths every year and is also responsible for many other indirect health effects like heart problems. Although air pollution is affecting everyone equally but the most affected segment of population due to air pollution are RESPIRATORY PATIENTS.  Caeli aims at providing clean air to the people 24/7 outside in degraded air quality regions with innovative features build specifically for aiding Respiratory patients in carrying on with their daily life without any degradation in their health. Existing Anti-pollution masks are not designed for Respiratory Patients and have many hindrances in their effective usage rendering them practically useless. Caeli is the world's first smart automated drug delivery and anti-pollution mask, specifically designed for asthmatic and other chronic respiratory patients, with a 6 Layer filter (Particulate, Carbon, HEPA) and a centrifugal fan, it maintains continuous flow of pure air regardless of pollution levels outside, filtering even the most dangerous 2.5pm particles with great efficiency. Caeli uses inbuilt AQI sensors to monitors air quality of the surroundings 24/7 and sends that data to a smartphone application via Bluetooth connection which is then further pushed to the cloud systems via internet for Machine Learning and analytics.  It went though 3 prototype iterations over the course of 6 months each with a slightly better design and functionality incorporating valuable suggestion from the user feedback. For the final product we have used medical grade 3D printing material, silent mesh technology and custom PCBs.  At this time of the great pandemic going on which has already caused a great damage to every one whether it is physically or mentally. Today it is the fear that is making people to wear mask all day around, not just the doctors, patients or nurses every person is wearing a mask for its most of the day. We at Caeli would like to provide a smart, easy to use and something which when used people don't find it a task to wear rather enjoy it using in their daily lives

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