In 2013, I suffered a loss which caused extreme bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. I decided there needed to be an app to help combat symptoms with tools to empower people over their anxiety.

What it does

The app currently has clinically proven guided audio, step by step visual techniques and custom relaxing sounds that users can access to ease their symptoms.

How I built it

I bootstrapped using photoshop, a home recording studio and outsourced the dev.

Challenges I ran into

Without having a technical founder we are unable to update or add additional content that many users need now.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’ve helped over 200k people worldwide and have been #1 many times in our category.

What I learned

It takes perseverance and a great team to accomplish great things.

What's next for Calm Down Now®️

Utilizing machine learning and telemental health api‘s to create personalized protocols based on usage and progress as well as connect users to mental health professionals  remotely.

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