Cameron, the Companion

Cameron is more than a hoodie sweatshirt...

Cameron is a chatbot that provides comforting interaction for those affected by the quarantine and social distancing to first strike up a conversation and secondly guide them to wellness awareness.

Cameron runs using the Transformer model on a Tensorflow 2.0/Keras back-end. Cameron's interface is a Flask App UI..

The ability to weight different both the emotional id and the topical id to potential flag the dialog to shift towards mental health assessments or other wellness checks.

The biggest challenge we ran into is the volume of data and the model training.

Figuring out the best way to process and input the data was time consuming and at some points, defeating.

Accomplishments that we most proud of...

As a small team with limited knowledge of developing in the chatbot and AI/ML environment, we learned a ton through the process and will continue to refine the data and model.

What we learned...

As telehealth evolves and adjusts to COVID-19 and the global pandemic, the need for chatbots that can actually engage, monitor and assess the effects of social distancing, sheltering in place and other factors, will only increase in importance and value.

What's next for Cameron the Companion...

Continue to develop Cameron and see what happens...

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artificial-intelligence, flask, keras, machine-learning, python, tensorflow2

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