At a day and age where more entertainment content is being produced on Youtube a day than one can watch, it may seem overwhelming. You might want to know certain things in one video but not want to go through the entire video. This is made especially hard with each creator trying to exceed the video length minimum to place ads. We wanted to create something that will help you consume the content that you want, without having to go through all the junk.

What it does

With the scraped Youtube closed caption, the web app would allow you to enter a search term to find the time stamp in which that term was mentioned. From there, user can manually scrub through the video to find the exact  portion they wanted to watch

How I built it

Using the shiny package for R, we was able to create a web app that would allow for user input. Then, we utilised basic R data frame handling techniques to identify user's input term within the generated data base from web scraping.

Challenges I ran into

Staying awake. Also, we have yet to be able to implement a multi-search term function. Additionally, we haven't been able to make it look nice and cute.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning shiny for the first time!

What I learned

Basics of web scraping and building a web app

What's next for Caption Capture

Make a more visually appealing HTML page. Clean up output to improve readability. Implement multi-term searching.



rstudio, shiny

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