With self isolation, our neighbours could feel a world away. In times of international crisis, it is all the more important to show love and support for one another. At this time we can feel powerless, but Caredemic aims to show how we can love our neighbour, our nations, our friends and families in times where we feel we can do nothing.

What it does

Caredemic is a repository for initiatives and ideas submitted by the community. Each of these are ways in which we can help one another. Some will direct to organisations and charities in needed of financial aid. Others are ideas to show friends and family

How we built it

We made use of Airtable to act as our backend, storing the ideas and projects to be served to the UI. This included the type of idea, project heading along with any necessary links. Within the UI, React was used along with semantic-ui components to build the basic layout. CSS improvements has given the project its unique look and feel. Making use of the Airtable API, we query the idea data. Within the UI we then filter this information on the client side to limit queries to Airtable.  Any ideas that do not have links offer the ability to share via twitter. This will generate a standard tweet they can edit before sending.

Challenges we ran into

Ensuring the security of the API information Handling metadata to provide preview cards when sharing on social media

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The vast support of peoples response to the project, both in terms of congratulating and giving ideas

What we learned

Making use of Airtable as a form of backend, and implementing their API

What's next for Caredemic

Improve suggestion process Allow users to share via facebook, instagram etc

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airtable, react

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