While most of us looked forward to 2020, envisioning Tokyo Olympics, NASA’s mission to Mars, Dubai World Expo - COVID 19 brought the entire world to a screeching halt. Billions of us are currently practicing self-isolation, unwilling to venture into the open - fearing the threat of being infected and furthermore, spreading the infection. Keeping in mind those persons who require assistance due to current or pre-existing conditions combined with the technological advancement to enable remote communication - and make it accessible to those with special needs!

What it does

CareGiver4All blends essential technological functionalities with accessibility features. CareGiver4All is a communication tool where users can set up a quick call to interact with any person using a unique link. Once the preferred language is chosen, during the conversation - CareGiver4All performs real-time transcription into the language selected by the user. Currently, CareGiver4All supports 54+ languages. In addition to both the parties of the call, CareGiver4All hosts ASL translator, as an accessibility feature by integrating with AWS Sumerian

How we built it

CareGiver4All is built on AWS Serverless infrastructure, triggering Lamba functions for integrations with AWS Chime, AWS Transcribe, AWS Translate, and AWS Sumerian.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Sumerian Model rigging - Customising and characterizing the rigged Sumerian model to appeal to the worldwide audience, with being sensitive to all ethnicities and cultures.
  2. Translation services across multiple languages - To appeal to the worldwide audience, the tool had to support the most commonly spoken languages, which came to about 54 at the minimum.
  3. Performance issues - Fixing issues related to performance and lags with the power web sockets.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  1. Choosing all AWS services - integration was seamless and quick across all services
  2. Ease of use - User-friendly design resulting in an ergonomically placed UX to appeal to an audience of all ages.
  3. Social Responsibility - At this time of crisis, we are happy to present a solution that can spin up quickly and provide instantaneous assistance to anybody who needs it, across the world.

What we learned

  1. Building a solution requires multiple verticals of integration to be able to deliver results and perform in the most effective manner
  2. The most simplest of solutions are the hardest to build - The toughest work while implementing this solution was adding in the accessibility features and keeping the design simple to make it easy to understand.

What’s next for CareGiver4All

CareGiver4All - aims to include as many languages as are widely spoken and optimize this solution to be able to serve even in low connectivity areas

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