I am an epidemiologist on diabetes surveillance. Diabetes is a major chronic disease among the US population. Based on the current evidence, persons with diabetes usually also have high risk of hypertension, and high risk of COVID-19 fatality.

What it does

I want to abstract information from websites, to identify how many persons (alive or died) with COVID-19 also have prevalent diabetes.

How I built it

I need to find and collect the data from the websites or other resource have the both information of COVID-19 and diabetes, to calculated and posted on the website

Challenges I ran into

The most challenge part is to find the data source.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So far, none

What I learned

WE need work together

What's next for COVID-19 and diabetes

If we have the information, we can predict the impact of COVID-19 on the vulnerable population.


r, sas, stata

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