With covid-19 and lock down, physical activities slow down and loneliness increases, affecting individuals, families, groups of friends. Sports associations see their associative life halting abruptly, players miss training and team interactions.

We wanted to do something fun and attractive to overcome this problem, and we are proud to propose the Challeng'vid app.

What it does

Challeng'vid is a web application that connects people, and stimulates physical activity through competitive challenges over distance.

« Challeng'vid » is fueled with challenges designed to be realised at home, and innovates by proposing them over a video-conference within an original structure of leagues. Anyone could challenge anyone, win points, and make viral by inviting others to join.

How we built it

With pleasure, energy and passion despite the distance! A key ingredient has been a team comprising elite athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. We merged a variety of physical activity perspectives with IT background.

Challenges we ran into

As a first time hackathon for most of us, it took a little time to understand the versusvirus organization. But enthusiasm drove us rapidly to build a cool team, develop our concept, and prepare the pitch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The elaboration of a sound concept with a key differentiator. The excellent team spirit that allowed federating forces and points of view in a very smooth way.

What we learned

A lot about hackathons and the various cool tools to share about concepts. Also about funneling team energy in remote mode of cooperation.

What's next for Challeng'Vid

Some partners we contacted during ideation already show interest to follow our ideas. A next step would be to develop a more comprehensive proof of concept. In any case, our team looks forward to a nice "after lock-down" celebration.

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