Changes Should Occur in a Many Human Living Style for Long Term.

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Logically any human activities either in civil or military fields depending upon the economy power to start and continue, therefore due to the world economic crisis, all sorts of human activities have the effect of the influences around, therefore all these human activities, coordination and projects should be re-organiz their plans and activities, according to their capabilities due to the developments in all fields of life, otherwise no of any sorts of human activities could go ahead or to be continued to the next decades, because always the existence in the world is for the best, whom able to change themselves and be qualified for the new developments in the world's change, and to be able to stand in the face challenges of the world, such the economy, financial, global warming and climate change.

During our latest experiment of we found that the world is in trouble due to the spreading of the new virus called coronavirus or Covid-19, we are sure that this virus crises will also be passed, inspite of the hurts for the health and economy, but due to the features of the coronavirus, which represent a new development and evolutionary in the life at the micro-biology stage, which granting this virus the ability to be hidden of the human natural immune, therefore changes should also occur in the human living style and for long term, even after we overcome these difficulties, in order to prevent any new infections in the future, either via the same sort of virus or even via another sorts of viruses, which may also appears in the future due to the evolutionary the micro-biology.

These experiences of the suffering of the pandemic effects of Covid-19 should be recorded in order to remind us all details how to avoid any sort of viruses in the future, also to learn of our mistakes and avoid to make the same mistakes again, and to prepaid an urgent plans to be always ready to be applied, for example, clothes factories are closed during the lockdown, the lockdown should be opened partially, to be able to work in the emergency purposes such clothes factories to produce the protection masks, also produce cleaning materials such alcohol or detergents to clean these protection masks in order to be re-useable over and over again, therefore preparing a suitable plans for the emergency open lockdown is important, considering the protection of the workers during the emergency open of the lockdown, to avoid any violent behavior against pharmacy workers due to the lack of the amount of the required masks and medications or even the absence of the system to distribute these facilities to the people, specially at this difficult time.

Therefore this gap should been closed properly and prepare the required amounts of masks and medications also guarantee the system which guarantee to everybody to get the advantage of these materials, before blaming people who have some strange behaviors to get their urgent requirements.

The issue of Covid-19 is a complex, due to the effects of a several influences to create, grow and infect of this new virus, in order to get the clear vision to understand this complex issue, this is an explanation may grant genuinely the clear vision of this issue.

Regular Food System Represents as an Active and Successful Medication Against Diseases.

According to the basic biological sciences, the sources of viruses are from meats, while the sources bacterias are from vegetables, everytime deadly viruses spread to all human communities, people and others of among animals, because unfortunately the science ignoring the truth of the source of these diseases and deadly viruses are in the unregulated food system, while there are a very big researches in the field of food system, may represent a complete issue to determine:

A- Which sorts of foods may results which diseases.

B- Which people should avoid which foods.

C- Which patient should have which sorts of foods, in order to accelerate their healing.

Therefore if we search in the long lists of these researches we may find a many foods have a positive effects for some people, while the same foods have a negative effects for another people, just because the different of their DNA construction.

Where this field of researches are still in progress and these list are not yet complete because:

a- the numerous probabilities of sorts of foods and sorts of people's DNA construction.

b- the severely competitions with the commercial medications foundations, which aiming for a financial advantage to keep produce a new collections of medications for their financial benefits. Studying the issue of DNA of the food and their effects upon the DNA of the human body could provide another insight into a chronic neurodegenerative diseases from a different corner, may also help scientists to find ways to treat these diseases and also to prevent it properly with a lower costs.

This science (Regular Food System) may even grant people the chance to avoid using any sorts of medications (due to the assured effects of the results of these researches), therefore encouraging these researches is a very important issue, to help sick people to heal and also to reduce cost of researches, which aiming to produce a new collections of medications.

Because foods are the best gate to the human body, either to feed the living cells properly or distort the  DNA construction of the living cells of the human body, via submerge the living cells in a strange DNA, (because foods are often compose of a proteins constructions with a different DNA of animals and vegetables), which finally create a complexity chemical effects or a chronic neurodegenerative to result diseases such Parkinson or symptoms of many another diseases.

This is a merely exampl of effects of the Regular Food System Researches, which assure the effects of the food styles upon and the health.

For example: the first step to start to investigate of any illness is to investigate the style of food that been taken everyday, because reducing the heavy oils in the food is more healthy for all the body, because these heavy oils (in the meats) passes difficultly in the thin tissues and arteries of blood circle of the human brain, and results headache or fever, and this is my personal experience for myself.

Because first of all these deadly viruses are a merely strange DNA have a different effects in human body, therefore investigations should be able to determine their really resources which are often from the foods.

Important note: The reason behind the dangerous effects of these viruses is rising the temperature of the human body extremely, therefore the first step should be taken to treat those patients is using a medication which reduce the temperature until they find the suitable treatment for these viruses, there are some speech about use of fever reducing medicines is being less recommended due to reducing temperature hinders the body from efficiently fighting an infection, but priority is to stop the effects of these viruses in rising the temperature, because the high rates of the temperature causing the damages in the brain, there are a many effective medications against these viruses, but it is the matter of time and find how to keep the patient stay a life, until these medications give there effects against viruses which results these suffers, therefore reducing the temperature have the priority over hinders the body from efficiently fighting the infection.

The Final Conclusion and Evidences:

The evolutionary of the micro-biology stages behind creating a new sorts of viruses and bacteria's.

Appearance of corona virus in a several places in the world in the same time means the life evolutionary in the life in the micro-biology stages, this may represent as a warning alarm to expect another sorts of viruses and bacteria's in the future, because this often occurs due to the developments in life style of human being in producing a different sorts of medications and antibiotics as well as a chemical components used in the agricultural chemical products and fight insects etc. because these materials urging viruses and bacteria's to evolve itself to resist these chemical components, and finally to appear a new sorts of virus and bacteria's stronger than our recent medications and antibiotics, therefore reducing these chemical components and materials in our life in the medications and antibiotics or chemical components which used for the agricultural purposes and to fight insects, may also reduce evolutionary of viruses and bacteria's as well, and prevent creating of a new sorts of viruses and bacterias.

Note that the best way to avoid any sorts of bacteria's and viruses in the foods, is to cooking the foods in a suitable temperature (100 - 120)c before to be eaten in order to kill all bacteria's and viruses and stop eating any sort of food which doesn't need to be cooked (such fruits), thus the fire will represents our first defense line.

Standards that should also applied with all clothes and materials to fight the coronavirus':

Life time of these masks which used to fight corona virus should be determined firmly by the producers companies:

  • How many hours could be used continuously?
  • Mention either these masks are for a disposable use (single time useable), or may be used after washing.
  • Determine via which materials should be cleaned after each time of use.

Otherwise these masks will not be able to protect their users and also may represent as dangerous resource to spread viruses.

Note that these masks should be tested first in the lab (laboratory test in the same circumstances of the contaminated areas) to be sure if the materials and used technic of these masks are able to do the required functions to protect the users properly, before been distributed for the people whom really need to be protected of corona virus in the contaminated areas.

Therefore coordination among countries strongly required to determine the best materials and technic required to produce the best quality of masks to be used to fight corona virus, while these standards should also applied with all clothes and materials which are used for this purpose.

According to some news pointing out that a Chinese girl been infected twice by the same sort of virus Covid-19, and she had returned to quarantine again after her second infection, this is simply means when someone heal of the symptoms of infected by Covid-19 his immune system will not be develope and the body will not be protected to be attacked by the same sort of virus as it often occurs with rest of viruses, but it's important to investigate the relationship between the Covid-19 and the gas nitrogen dioxide concentrations the (gas NO2), because the images from the satellites assure the very high value of contamination of the atmosphere above China and Italy via the average nitrogen dioxide concentrations (gas NO2), where these two areas are most suffered areas of this virus.

The laboratory experment's are strongly required to laboratory rats which exposure to the nitrogen dioxide concentrations (gas NO2) for a long time to see the results if there is any relationship between the nitrogen dioxide concentrations (gas NO2) and creating the virus Covid-19 in the living body.

There are some speech causing the internet 5G networks and corona virus (Covid-19), there isn't any evidences to assure the relationship between internet 5G networks and corona virus (Covid-19), but all indications point out to the irregular food system of the human.

Specially because the main resources of all sorts of viruses are from meats, because once animals dies the protein of their corpse cracking and breaks down to generate a different sorts of viruses, unfortunately they just have added insects to the long long lists of human foods, where the insects have another sorts of proteins and have a fundamentally different DNA sequencings, nucleic acids sequences and have a completely different origins.

Catering industries and restaurants want to work via making changes in the their foods menus in order to attract tourists, they also made a big propagandas earlier claiming that insects could solve the problem of the world hunger.

Because viruses are a semi-life objects and could be stored in closed bottles for more than 20 year (at room temperature) without needing to breath nor any of rest of vital activities, because viruses are a merely defected Protein Acids, DNA and RNA of their original living cells.

While these links assure the relationship between viruses and meats:

The human civilization need to overcome the recent weak points such making daily a new propagandas and endless-phobias and accusations to the east, west, north, and south, against each other specially during the fight against pandomic crises.

New ministries and politics as well as scientific foundations need to be established to adopt the issue of the global warming and the climate changes to search the best plans to qualify Earth's nature to be able to face these urgent developments, also to protect animals such expanding and developing would's zoo's to represent as natural reservation also modify the nature to be able to face challenges of climate changes. There is a lot of work to do in respect to the qualifying our' planet to be able to live, this link may clarify the bold lines of the plans to qualify Earth's nature to face the climate changes.

For example:

The forests and plantation areas able to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to build its fundamentally constructional material (wood), therefore a suitable program should be found to observe these trees cut the old trees before it dies (represent as dangerous flammable material threatening the whole forest) and store these woods, in the meantime grow up another trees in the forests, otherwise onse these trees burn the carbon dioxide will also return to the atmosphere, but the new system of cutting trees and create a new plantation areas will prevent returning carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, also give the opportunity to regard these products of woods as economic source to support the industry either in the construction industry any another industry able to use these woods for long term to prevent them to be burn.

Also in order to avoid floods which may occur due to ice melting, or heavy raining, where waters move to the lower areas, therefore digging the ground and making a lower holes nearby these areas, may guide these waters to move automatically due to the effect of the gravity force of Earth to form a small lakes, may prevent flooding in the inhabitants areas and agricultural projects, also may use these water later for human and agricultural purposes.


All human activities depending upon the economy power, during the world economic crisis, therefore all human activities on all fields need to re-organize their plans and activities, according to their capabilities due to the developments in all fields of life, in order to grant these activities the possibility to be continued to the next decades, because always the existence in the world is for the best, which is able to change themselves and be qualified for the new developments in the world's change, and to be able to stand in the face of the challenges of the world.

Good luck.

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