A lot of activities were moved online due to COVID-19 and quarantine. Meanwhile, a lot of people are losing or holding their jobs due an economic crisis. It means, that a lot of people will require to find a new job and in most of the cases to do this remotely. Indeed, Skype/Zoom/Teams/you name it can help to schedule an interview but it will be mostly impossible to manage all applications within a short period of time.

That's a good time for automating some processes and moving online. That's why we would like to introduce Chatty, a conversational platform for conducting structure and bias-free interviews.

What it does

Having job requirements, Chatty will automatically create a perfect job interview pipeline, conduct an interview and highlight important insights from CV/answers.

How I built it

That's a cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure platform. We are using the best practices and our huge experience in business process automation.

Challenges I ran into

In some cases we've got a feedback like "ok, just one another chatbot" which is not true. Chatbot is a tool not a goal.

Also, a lot of people were not super excited to use remote tools. But it's significantly changes during the pandemic. We hope this project will help a lot of organizations to continue hire people with less cost.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We tested a PoC with own vacancy. We received 100 resumes, 65% of applicants were able to complete the interview and from top 10 we were able to find a person that joined us just in 3 days!

What I learned

Innovation is not something that could be implemented easily. But hard times is a good opportunity to disrupt the habits of people and organizations.

What's next for Chatty

A ready solution available for everyone!


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