The world is going through a very difficult stage due to COVID-19; México is no exception. But México has a lot of people that depend on a small business like public markets and small grocery stores; they need to work hard ever, including today and needs that people buy its products to support its families.

What it does

Chékele is an initiative to connect the local Mexican market with the people. We are an online grocery store that sells essential products during contingency COVI-19. Our delivery men buy the products from stores and public markets of the client's neighborhood. (no supermarkets).

Our objective is to support our local economy.

How I built it

We built the platform in the fastest way possible using Shopify and plugins for it

Challenges I ran into

Correlating prices and commissions with the markets and fleet manager

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having this product ready in just 5 days

What's next for Chékele

Building the platform using our own cloud technology to support various use cases and expand it to all of Mexico

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