We have been inspired by amazing mentors

What it does

Some enterprises/organisations/institutions are overwhelmed and have many needs due to the current crisis. On the other hand, other companies cannot operate anymore or have to reduce their activities due to government measures. But these last companies have potentially the ressources to help the ones in need and the ability to pivot quickly in order to do so. Thanks to a collaboration with the government, CHift can deliver an authorisation to operate to companies that are willing and able to pivot to fulfil the needs. We do so thanks to an online platform that matches the immediate needs and the available resources in order to fill the gaps created by the crisis in the Swiss economy.

How I built it

We have builded a first basic interface for our online matching platform and also mapped the ecosystem to make the solution work.

Challenges I ran into

Digging in the wrong direction for a long time and struggling in finding an innovative solution to the given problematic (we had to change in the middle)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came with a first version of the idea that can probably be more adapted to real life in only 24h.  We have been able to do a first interface prototype.

What I learned

Mentors and direct communication is the key to find meaningful innovations

What's next for CHift

I am currently already working on my own entrepreneurship project, so I will probably be unable to continue working on CHift. My teammates are not too much into entrepreneurship and innovation so it is unlikely that they will continue the project. However, if some mentors or companies see a potential in it, we will be motivated to continue it.

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