Currently, a lot of different, mostly complex "solutions" for elderly as well as sick and vulnerable people are being founded or combined out of existing solutions. This is far from being practical! Not every customer needs an app for every store and not every customer owns a state of the art smartphone.

What it does

We created a simple, extendable chatbot (user-side) and an application that handles the requests in a backend and displays a utile ionic frontend for our deliverers.

How we built it

Backend - NestJS, Frontend - Ionic & Vue, Database - MongoDB, Communication - GraphQL.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting so far on such a diversified application in just 48 hours!

What's next for Citizen to Citizen Purchasing Platform

Feedback from judges and following co-working with currently operational platforms and in connection therewith initialization of an comprehensive MVP.

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graphql, ionic, mongodb, nestjs, typescript, vue

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