Product already live!

You can checkout the development version here and access the already live version here: Please don't create help requests (unless you really need help) on the live version because real people get notified if you do.


We've seen so much solidarity with corona virus happing around the world, but not much to channel it. There has been a growth of facebook groups, but it was always hard to match help seekers with volunteers. that's why we created

What it does

It connects volunteers and help seekers based on their location, so that people can be helped quickly within their vicinity. There is no entry barrier / complicated signup process, so it's very accessible. It runs completely in the browser, so there is no app download needed.

How We built it

With Vue.js and a lot of Cloud Function Magic by Firebase :-)

Challenges I ran into

Time, Time, Time :-)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have already some live users :-)

What I learned

Prepare your slides earlier :-)

What's next for CitzenLove

We're planning to roll out more features and develop the MVP into a more extensive project. We have already an fantastic and competent team which built this already working prototype in new time. Contact us if you have input's or wanna help us spread the platform!

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firebase, sendgrid, vue.js, weblate

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