For me people that interact within the space of the city has always been fascinating. Spaces where friction can spark creativity, innovation and resolve. I call it CitySpheres. CitySpheres are organic, with fluid borders and forever changing. In which direction is up to us all to decide.

My big inspiration is Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth. Just this week the report of Amsterdam as a City Doughnut was published. "Cities have a unique role and opportunity to shape humanity’s chances of thriving in balance with the living planet this century. As home to 55% of the world’s population, cities account for over 60% of global energy use, and more than 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions, due to the global footprint of the products they import and consume. 1) Without transformative action, cities’ annual demand for Earth’s material resources is set to rise from 40 billion tonnes in 2010 to nearly 90 billion tonnes by 2050. 2) At the same time, cities have immense potential to drive the transformations needed to tackle climate breakdown and ecological collapse, and to do so in ways that are socially just.

What it does

Although I have the url and socials since end of 2011, just very recently I put up a website as a lean (permanent beta) way to communicate the message of creating regenerative and distributive cities (with Doughnut Economics tool). The website acts as a showcase page where I can show collaboration with a network of pro-active City Change Agents (themselves social entrepreneurs like me) A place to MEET, LEARN and ACT together. CitySpheres does not have a separate legal structure yet, but it could perhaps evolve into a cooperation.

How we built it

All CitySpheres is now is a website with socials. What I would love to build together with like-minded others is an app with which citizens can help gather data on the criteria of the social foundation (SDG's) and ecological ceiling (planetary boundaries of Rockström and Steffen) of Doughnut Economics. It should be an open sourced platform adhering to the values and principles of the 21st Century Doughnut Economy.

Challenges we ran into

This is a new idea - a true Hackathon challenge!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is a new idea - a true Hackathon challenge! Let's achieve our first accomplishments this weekend.

What we learned

This is a new idea - a true Hackathon challenge! Let's learn together.

What's next for CitySpheres - Communities Within Spaces

  • Ideating and prototyping with an awesome group of people during The Global Hack
  • Helping communities in cities to take transformative action and move cities more into the doughnut.

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