Food supply chains are collapsing: parcels from online shops take over a week to get delivered... Food needs to be delivered locally to vulnerable people locked at home fast (within 24h possible). An automated platform for local food ordering till delivery is urgently needed. Fast and cost efficient delivery of fresh foods is the issue. We target vulnerable people being taken care of by existing organizations to free the workload of caregivers doing grocery shopping. not only now but also after the crisis… big costs savings.

What it does

ClearKarma builds a distribution platform, network and standards for superfresh foods from local producers, with initial focus on farms and bakeries. Check out our marketplace it's in 5 languages (German, French, Spanish, Turkish and English). This is only the tip of the iceberg as we sets us appart from anyone else is that we build a scalable distribution platform, network and data standards for local pickup and delivery which can integrate all local players from the food supply chain. We know how to fix the expensive last mile and scale over franchising (experience with a proven concept since 10 years which we are adapting). We need to manage communication with virtual call centers and some freelance/volunteer staff to chat or pick up the phone while we automate on the fly after seeing exactly what vulnerable people ask and outbound calls and SMS for order collection, confirmation and reaching out to delivery people)

How I built it

SaaS marketplace platform. However limited but self-hosted platform with custom development sharing code on Github could help us move forward. We have a working marketplace and payment solution and are filling content from local food suppliers.

Challenges I ran into

1) We need some custom development to allow: bulk import of catalogs instead of manual entry to help all small food suppliers to get their online catalog fast and start selling. 2) Build our business model into the platform to have a sustainable solution not only now but after the crisis to keep this platform running: subscriptions and commission models for local sales and logistics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

check out it's in 5 languages (German, French, Spanish, Turkish and English). We know how to fix the expensive last mile and scale over franchising. 400 000 Euro of public funding for the project over tax credit in Spain 2 franchisees on board in France 1 team in Vienna, Austria 1 team in Tenerife, Spain.

What I learned

Keep calm, go step-by-step, empower all volunteers and co-founders

What's next for ClearKarma - Fresh local foods to your doorstep within 24h!

Besides support to apply for public funding, build a crowdfunding campaign and raise some seed investor money, we need: 1) Further development to fix marketplace limitations 2) Get more catalog content from local fresh food suppliers 3) build and pilot our proven logistics solution in Vienna, Gif-sur-Yvette (France) and Tenerife before building the platform to scale this anywhere 4) build and pilot our proven sales solution in Vienna, Gif-sur-Yvette (France) and Tenerife to reach out to all in need before building the platform to scale this anywhere 5) We are looking for contacts also in the South of Germany to eventually rollout there.

Resources we need high level contacts/stakeholders to scale this faster over cooperations and communication, investors, public funding

Which challenge we solved EMERGENCY RESPOND: Affordable delivery of superfresh foods and first necessity... Which problem we tackeled small business problem to sell online and deliver at affordable cost

Our solution Distribution platform and network for superfresh food delivery focusing on local bakeries and farmers at first then other fresh food businesses

Our expected impact Food security and sovereignty

Our achievements during the hackathon weekend we had a shop in German and 5 suppliers, now we have a multi-seller marketplace in 5 languages (German, English, Spanish, French and Turkish) like Amazon, where any food business owner can create their own online shop, receive online payments over credit cards. We have reached 2 more suppliers in Austria and are in talks with seven more in Spain.

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