As the digitization of legislative processes grow around the world, as well as political campaign data become more available, there is an opportunity to generate a system that can track political positions and promises of politicians throughout election campaigns and follow to cross validate this data with in-office actions of each corresponding politicians. Analytical systems can be set in place to generate automated insights that inform the public on the historical political alignment of individuals, which interests private/public are being served, and hold politicians more accountable for their words and actions.

Using language-processing and analytical techniques the following visualizations/reports can be generated by the proposed system:

Trends for positions defending/supporting different topics and industries with relevant citations to direct historical events.

Automated scoring for consistent alignment of campaign promises to in-office actions. Score politicians by score.

Easy to understand and basic visualizations informing the public on specific groups that support a particular politician, referencing specific campaign fundings or legislation that was supported.

Create similarity matrices for politicians and parties by drilling down by political topics.

Developed correctly I believe a tool with the characteristics of my idea will enable up to a 10x acceleration in political transparency research and provide the broad public with an easy tool to reach independent bias-free conclusions



docker, python, sql, vue.js

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