Quarantine, either voluntary or compulsory, can drive you crazy: people need to interact. Happy people are healthier and have more productive lives. Contact with people that you like or love make you feel better and can serve as a support network in hard times. You can also help others by serving a volunteer to reach those in need.

What it does

Close2You.Live is a social networking app to help people live through quarantine by finding new friends. It suggests people with the same interests than you, that live close by so you may visit each other.

Register on our website and let people know that you are there for them. Everyday, answer 3 questions:

  1. How do you feel today?
  2. Do you have some Covid19 Symptoms?
  3. Do you want to call or be called?

If you want to call, we provide a list of people that you like to meet. If you want to be called a volunteer user calls you to assess your situation: are you depressed, are you sick, is it the case to go to the hospital? Assisting others in their time of need can benefit the person receiving support as well as the helper

How we built it

We developed an interactive prototype to let you try it.

Challenges we ran into

We are checking how to read the phone address book to suggest names to start the list of contacts. Later we need to check how to invoke Whatsapp to make the call.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The public and scope are well defined. We need to implement and put it in the hands of real users to see.

What we learned

Social interaction can be the best preventive care to avoid losing morale, but as solution providers, we should not give people such a complete tool that people can avoid actual interactions. Video and voice calls are encouraged.

What's next for Close2You.Live

We plan on keeping the development going until we have an app that will be in sync with the website.

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