Inspiration came from my wife, who owns a home care agency and always desperately trying to find caregivers quickly for the sick and elderly.

One time, a daughter in Seattle, Washington pre-paid for care for her elderly mother in Atlanta and we missed our scheduled Friday night dinner because my wife spent the evening looking for a caregiver (CNA) from her long list of caregivers on her phone but couldn’t find one after spending about six hours on the phone.

So I felt obligated to improve that environment with better organization because there was no app out there to bring all parties involved in the same space.

More importantly, only caregivers that live close to a client will likely accept the assignment because distance was usually a key factor in a huge metropolitan city like Atlanta.

What it does - The app lets clients post job assignments for home care agencies to review and then easily hire caregivers (CNAs) that live close to the client to provide the needed care for the client on a set schedule.

How I built it - I interviewed my wife daily and other participants in the industry to understand the full interactions necessary in the industry.

We decided to put the ability to provide continuous care as our number one priority so the elderly can be rest assured that quick care will be readily available and replaced when necessary.

Then we built in the necessary accountability for all the parties involved to work seamlessly together.

Challenges I ran into - Initially built and released app using phonegap programming language but ran into several bugs that we couldn’t easily overcome.

We had to build and release the app again using react-native and also implemented clock-in and clock-out system into the schedule for better assurance of timely service by the CNAs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Because I had the opportunity to continuously talk to my wife during the design stage, I’m proud that she now thinks it’s user friendly and making her even have close backup CNAs in case of emergencies to guarantee continuous care to the client.

What I learned - Patience and that debugging takes forever and it’s worse and hits you harder if your wife is the one dishing out the criticisms of your app.

What's next for CNA NetNurse - For the CNAs in the app, the ability to clock-out in real-time and make themselves available for new assignments will make it easier for them to eventually service more clients and make more money.

Due to what we face today and the current Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve decided to add doctors’ offices and their nurses into our next design and upgrade.

Telehealth and telemedicine is definitely the next big thing, but the need to see a doctor physically will still be there, so we are going to incorporate doctor’s visit in real-time with proximity being our focus in case you need to be picked up for vital tests or seen physically by the doctor immediately.

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