In this time of uncertainty, we all know someone who has questions and concerns about COVID-19. In order to create a tool that would allow us to better serve our community, we started this project by interviewing our peers. A common concern was the rapid spread of the virus, specifically, how to stop it. relies on our team’s belief that people are generally invested in the greater good. With that in mind, we decided to utilize self-reported data about user’s moods and symptoms to build a visualizer that makes us more aware of how COVID-19 is affecting the spaces we visit.

What it does, with permission, tracks the movements of users who are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 in order to keep count of the visits they have made to certain areas. The app also takes into account the incubation period of the virus to give an approximate time until the area’s risk level goes down to a degree where it is safe to travel to.

That being said, we hope that will also make its users aware of the personal risk they undertake from traveling in the first place. A goal of the app is to make it easier to comprehend the spread of COVID-19 and emphasize the importance of social distancing. If we do our job right, no one should have to use this app in the first place.

How we built it

  • Front-end: Ionic, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Back-end: Firebase, Google Maps API
  • Design: Adobe XD, Photoshop
    (also made with lots of caffeine and good vibes)

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating an app that can even begin to provide solutions to the problems created by COVID-19
  • Routing pages in ionic & styling some features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our team had to learn programs (Ionic, Firebase, Google Maps API, & Adobe XD) from scratch and successfully completed a fully-functioning mobile application
  • We are all proud of creating an application that we all think could make a difference

What we learned

  • How to utilize different programs that we weren’t initially familiar with
  • Information regarding COVID-19 which we believe will help us to protect ourselves during this outbreak (pls practice social distance)

What's next for

Our team aims to add more features to our mobile app and (possibly) make it available to a wide audience.

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css, firebase, html, ionic, javascript

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