Stopping the spread of the Covid19 by a complete lockdown comes at a cost and is stressful for the population. What if instead of social distancing we could use "smart distancing"? The idea here is to provide online information about the risk of contamination in the neighbourhood of the user. The information relies on symptom data provided by the user. The fact of getting information back motivates people to participate.

What it does

People provide personal information about their quarantine location and their health status over time with a dedicated web app, which allows for a secure and consent driven data collection. The resulting data set bares information about how often the symptoms in question occur where. This information is conveyed to the online user by a geographical heatmap.

How I built it

We built our project on the existing platform by dThx that aggregates medical and contextual lifestyle data.

Challenges I ran into

Our attempt to leverage google maps to build a geographical heatmap failed due to google limiting the amount of data to be processed for free.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of having worked with a big team that was formed in a short time and produced results.

What's next for Co19 & Me

The next step is the full implementation of our current concept. In the future we could imagine integrating results from other lines of research into our platform.

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esri, figma, invision, python, sketch

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