All of us have observed many NGOs all over the world relying on donations to fight the COVID-19. There were two problems: which NGO to donate and not being able to donate to all of them at the same time easily. Getting the idea from these two problems and implementing cryptocurrencies as the donation gateway -as we believe it is a technology that should be used more commonly- we created CoDonate.

What it does

The CoDonate website accepts cryptocurrency donations in 10 currencies. We store them as USDT in order not to get affected by the crypto market's volatility. Then, we donate those to NGOs all over the world.

How we built it

After we got the idea we first make a very broad sketch (you can see it below), it was the start of everything.

Initial Sketch

After that, we quickly started developing our website. We initiated a Node.js Web App on AWS CodeStar as it was handling all the deployment workflow for us. While developing we went with the motto: "always focus the most important task at hand" and as a result, we delayed some of our ideas for the later stages. While coming to the end of our project we needed to migrate our website from AWS CodeStar to Digital Ocean as CodeStar was causing some 403 errors and lacked documentation online. After deploying our website to Digital Ocean, we connected our domain to Digital Ocean using Cloudflare and tried to optimize the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

We learned about the hackathon on the 29th of March so our first challenge was limited time. As mentioned above, one of our other problems was changing our infrastructure in the middle because the AWS CodeStar didn't fulfil our needs. Developing collaboratively wasn't easy as well but we managed that fine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that even though we didn't complete everything in our mind we managed to publish our donation website and got our first donation (from a friend of one of our developers).

What we learned

We learned the importance of planning before developing. Although our development was very fast at the beginning, because of a lack of planning, we faced bottlenecks in the future stages of our project.

What's next for CoDonate

We didn't have enough time to implement everything in our minds. The first next thing for CoDonate is a registration implementation so that people can get credit for their donations and have more customization options. We also plan to implement an easier workflow for NGOs to add themselves to the platform than mailing. One of our other plans is to automize the distribution of donations. Last but not least, we plan to let every donator chose a nucleotide on the register so that we can display a COVID-19 fighting DNA as the project runs.  If you want to help us in the future, come join us on GitHub.

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