Story CoGuard: To help countries navigate through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released a set of guidelines. Inhere, the WHO states that miscommunication and news that deliberately consist of disinformation or hoaxes (i.e. fake news) form one of the biggest risks during this crisis. Additionally, in a state of panic and uncertainty, people tend to believe and share information more easily and are less critical to whether the information is reliable.  To mitigate the risk mentioned above, we have decided to develop a Chatbot based on AI that immediately responses people needs and queries and provides reliable information coming from trustworthy (official) institutions or NGOs. The bot´s signature strength is that it is able to form a connection between institutions and people quickly in the case of need. Currently, we are seeking for the following:

  • NGOs, institutions that are willing to provide us with confirmed information. For example, is an NGO that aims to provide correct information and to verify whether it is true in Turkey.
  • Volunteer translators so that the project can reach out to more countries in order to impact these countries and to spread the app into the world.
  • An IOS developer that is able to copy the ready Android App by using the IBM Watson infrastructure. In addition to these, it would be great to have someone on board that is willing to populate the app and to advertise about it towards large(r) communities.

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