Many people are motivated to volunteer in this crisis, others are isolated, while local businesses suffer. The state will need civil society to handle this crisis. We would like connect individuals and local businesses in the most efficient way.

What it does

We connect local people and businesses. On our platform, people can help each other and get rewarded thanks to our gamification concept. Local businesses that get involved will gain in visibility and new customers, while offering goodies (vouchers) to the most active helpers on the platform.

How we built it

web app with:

  • User Management with personal profiles, showing needs and skills in PHP
  • Gamification with PHP based on actions the user takes
  • Layout / Design with HTML & CSS. Used Bootstrap Framework
  • map with local businesses, currently static via iFrame will be upgraded to API Version so we can dynamicly generate the map

Challenges we ran into

  • Adding Gamification based on action a user takes
  • Searching with filters, not finished yet because there are more options than i thought
  • how to integrate existing platform coordinating help

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Visualisation of our idea
  • How fast we were able to prototype it

What we learned

  • Virtual team collaboration with strangers is exciting experience

What's next for Collective 365

  • Complete the business and financial plans
  • Find fundings
  • Find national and local partners
  • Create the association
  • Refine the web application (including adding legal information)
  • National communication and marketing campaign (online and offline Promotion)
  • Follow up test phase and improvement of the functionalities
  • Offer our Swiss project model to other countries in need

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bootstrap, css3, html, php

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