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Children all over the world are curious. These days they are asking questions like 'why is the corona virus called corona virus'? And where does it come from? What is social distancing? At the same time children all over the world love coloring books.

We have created 'Colorona Book' - the first educational coloring book about the corona crisis.

We are a team of 4 people from Germany.

Last Sunday Markus was hanging out with his 3 children. Once again they were asking to print coloring templates from the web. That was the moment when Markus had the idea to create a coloring book especially about the corona crisis.

Mariel joined immediately for digitizing the art work. Birger as a teacher created the educational concept. And Christian joined with expertise in Marketing und Product Management. Markus started coding the website.

With colorona-book we provide parents and their children with a self-print coloring book to have fun and learn at the same time.

Go to to get your free copy today and help spread the word.

We are also looking for volunteers to tranlate the content into more languages.

Have fun and stay healthy!

What it does

Provide parents and kids with a free educational coloring book

How we built it

team spirit, creativity, pen&paper, a little bit of website coding

Challenges I ran into

It's weekend and the kids wonder why I am hacking instead of doing coloring books with them...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To really get it done as a team in the timebox of a hackathon

What I learned

Without a proper team you won't get anywhere

What's next for Colorona Book

Make it production-ready, spread the word, translate to as many different languages as possible

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