This development was inspired by the discussions on how to support the re-opening of shops up the covid-19.  It is expected, that one condition is that shops need to secure social distancing by making sure a certain number of clients in the shop based on a fixed ratio of floor space to number of clients will be required.

The application allows for easy, free of charge counting of clients coming to and leaving from a shop, synchronising over several entrances/exits. We guarantee absolute anonymity through using not tracking clients. The application is browser based, without need for downloads, and no limits on hard-software.

We, a team of IT students developed the application within 2 days by sticking to the initial idea of a very simple, easy to use app. The next steps would be to develop further features to improve user experience and increase user base through business associations, government agencies and key accounts.

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css3, html5, javascript, node.js, websockets

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