We started with another idea of individual career pathways for young professionals. However, by talking to the companies we felt some potential for an another concept and this Coronavirus crisis strengthened that feeling. Thus, we made a pivot and started working on the communication platform for biotech research competitions.

It took three weeks from us to get a Proof of Concept.

We talked to 20 companies and 2 research communities (and continue to do so), discovered a need for a Staff on Demand for research and commercial projects, from one side, and a lack of promotion, from another one. Thus, we proposed our platform as a solution, confirmed the interest, made an MVP and got a Proof of Concept with a paying pilot.

Moreover, last week, we attracted a partner with a network of 60k medical experts with their own labs.

What it does

We have a community of biotech researchers, from one side, and product & digital experts, from another one. They assemble teams and compete with each other to solve complex biotech problems. The best solutions’ authors​ are awarded by the company-customer. Why did you choose this idea?

Our choice was based on 2 things:

  1. First, we really care about Health and Sustainability and want make our contribution to the industry.
  2. Second, we want to build an Exponential Organization (the term coined by Salim Ismail), and our business model draws on its main attributes — Staff on Demand, Community & Crowd, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets and Engagement​​​.

Why do we need an acceleration program?

Our biggest obstacle for the moment is a customer development in the US being in Russia due to the distance and mindset difference. We have already started to do it from Moscow and we know the power of an introduction. So, we need the accelerator to scale our platform to the US companies thanks to your network.

Please help us to do it!

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