The power and trust of local communities

What it does

Plug into your local community and discover:

  • Requests from community members and organizations in need
  • Local news and stories
  • Local Gig opportunities for extra $ during rise in unemployment
  • Petitions improving your neighborhood
  • Open Discussions with those around you
  • Donations and causes
  • Online ordering from local businesses

Ability to vote up and comment on any of these - trendy ones become more visible.

How I built it

Google Maps API Firebase React

Challenges I ran into

Narrowing down to 1-2 problems to begin with. Reaching critical mass in neighborhoods.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From zero to working prototype in 48 hours in a team of 2.

What I learned

If you believe in yourself and code all night, everything is possible :D

What's next for Community Map

Try It out



gmaps, google, maps, node.js, react

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