In the summer of 2019, I started organizing protests for a group of people under severe prosecution. I ended up getting people together on July 21, 2019 situated in over 10 countries spanning 20 cities to protest together. I came away from that experience thinking how accessible it is to connect with one another over the internet and that something needs to be created for regular people around the world to do so!

Our project, Community Tree, starts to solve that issue by connecting front of line healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 crises together! People from around the world will connect instantly with each other to share tips and strategies on helping COVID-19 patients! This app will save lives! It also has a community tab where people can help out their neighbors during this crises, a news tab where people can get legitimate, quality news and it will also show health tips like how long to wash hands, and how to cough properly!

If this app was around and nurses in China could have talked to nurses in Japan, USA and Spain - this crises could have been averted before it started!

We built the app with flutter using dart, and GitHub and vsc! But we also built it by coming together from around the world and working to solve major issues. That is how it got built and that is how our app will help out people all over the world very soon!

The only Challenge we ran into was narrowing down great ideas!

The biggest accomplishment we are all proud of is that we are a group of average strangers who met a few days ago and came up with the idea, and had it almost ready to deploy, knowing that we can and help people from around the world who need it!

We all learned from this experience that the time is now for average people from around the world to start communicating with each other to solve big issues collectively! Time for the people of the world to unite!

Community Tree will be the go-to app for health care workers during the rest of the COVID-19 crises! It will save many lives once deployed! After thee viruses dissipates, we will make Community Tree into an app for global self governance of average, everyday people!

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