We are inspired by any entrepreneur - regardless of successful or failed - because of the impact he has on the world and the contribution to the economy. Especially in the middle of the worldwide crisis entrepreneurs' are wanted and needed for pushing the economy forwards by creating impactful solutions and jobs. Thus, I want to empower an entrepreneurship-led world and enable the valuable competencies every individual entails.

Though, for entrepreneurs to be enabled they need competencies. 74% of Startups have problems to recruit competent personal. On top of that - posting job ads and recruiting tools are pricey. On the flipside, entrepreneurial spirits (i.e. students) don’t have access to startup vacancies because no platform which matches startups with competencies is existing.

What it does

The CompetencePool is enabling competencies by connecting startups with entrepreneurial spirits! Here we are enabling startups to grow with new competencies and entrepreneurial spirits to start.  It is a two-sided internet platform that matches Startups with potential competencies, tracks existing startups worldwide and gives space to create new ideas to found new startups. But not only by matching competencies but also by providing entrepreneurship-enabling services the ConpetencePool contributes to the ENTREPRENEURIAL EMPOWERMENT.

How I built it

By using the lock-down to create and develop the solution together with my partner

Challenges I ran into

Additional capacity (Marketing & sales; full-stack developer capacity)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The business model is transforming into reality. The architecture is defined, the landing page is online.

What I learned

The more the merrier

What's next for CompetencePool

Developing the functionalities of the platform and market-entry



ansible, docker, html5, javascript, jenkins, linux, python, react

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