South Africa just went into a 3 week full country lockdown. The country is in panic and misinformation is spreading like wildfire. Our startup, facing this new economic downturn, decided to find how we could use our incentivization technology to be useful in the situation and play our part to help. After brainstorming as a team, we came up with the idea of using a chatbot to deliver critical information and offer reward points for regular interaction.

We aim to integrate these reward points into critical outlets for discounts on essentials like food and medicine. In this way those affected by the coronavirus, especially the disadvantaged, can offset some of the expenses on essential products.

Keep informed, get rewarded, it's that simple.

What it does

Through the chatbot, users can take quizzes about the coronavirus earning the user points for correct answers. It also allows users to earn points for completing a daily health check to track their symptoms.

Interaction with the quizzes and health check allows us to store data that can be used to track symptoms and spread, as well as gauge where the knowledge gaps about the virus are.

How I built it

We opted for Facebook messenger for its freely accessible messenger API. Our 2 developers created the bot and integrations with our wallet for storing rewards points. Our 2 researchers sourced the necessary information from reputable sources and further verified it with health professionals.

We developed the platform with Node Js, Serverless, AWS Lambda, and Mongo DB. The incentives are built on our own digital wallet, Payper.

Challenges I ran into

It's our first chatbot, so we had to learn a lot fast.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a chatbot done in a very short timespan!

What I learned

A lot about Covid 19...

What's next for Concorona

We have launched the chatbot and will start marketing it to grow the user base and gather data.

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amazon-web-services, facebook-messenger, mongodb, node.js, payper, serverless

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