Respiratory ventilators, trained medical staff and Oxygen are critical parts of the solutions to the fight against COVID-19 until we develop a vaccine. There are insufficient ventilators across the world. Do-it-yourself (DIY) ventilators could be the answer, if we can monitor them closely and intervene if there’s an issue. Plus, we can carefully monitor their effectiveness and learn about patient AND machine effectivity through AI. These DIY ventilators must fit into the daily processes and meet the compliance requirements in real hospitals.

What it does

We connected a real DIY ventilator to a clinical process, and paved the way for other DIY devices to be included later as they become certified. Each Ventilator travels through a Lifecycle, from construction to Testing to  Cleaning to Inventory to In-Use to Cleaning to Re-Testing and back to Inventory. The machines are automatically provisioned, meaning, as soon as they are attached they are registered within Health Cloud and can be easily assigned to a patient. Monitoring of the patient and the machine begins immediately after connection. We can carefully monitor machine status AND human status from the DIY ventilator. Doctors receive a risk assessment with each case and machines can be monitored, maintained, and taken on/off line. The existing hospital processes can be integrated to the Health Cloud Ventilator Lifecycle Process. This project can be connected to ANY Ventilator that can HTTP POST or GET its JSON Payload to a standard endpoint.

How we built it

InVent360 is the integration from Ventilator to Health Cloud through Arduino with multiple sensors attached.

A standard Salesforce Heroku endpoint takes an HTTP GET from an Arduino and monitors the provisioning of the DIY Ventilator and its efficiency/effectiveness. InVent360 project builds up on the two other Open Source Salesforce projects.

Additional Project Information

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