We want to develop a game in the form of questionnaire to reach out to maximum people and provide correct information via entertainment and games. Although, many sites are available sometimes the news circulates among people are incorrect. Sometime it becomes difficult to differentiate between the correct and improper information. There are myths going all around and it mislead the people. This trails to create many other new problems along with the pandemic effect. Which leads to one more. To, avoid any such situations we have come up with the idea of giving information to people through games.

What it does

We have come to a simple solution to this problem where we have developed questions with a proper link which is either from UNICEF or Govt. site (reliable site).  Our main agenda is to provide people with accurate information through these simple questions. For this purpose, we have made a questionnaire session into five stages level 0 to level 4. Where level 0 is of very basic and general question, level 2 is all about how a person can take care of themselves so it is named as individual fight. Level 2, on the other hand, is about how a person should respond to this pandemic effect and infection of Coronaviruses, hence called name to this level. While level 3 is all about how we should help each other and react to certain situations in the community. We haven’t neglected the mental state and situation of people in this pandemic situation. Covered in level 4. After each and every question we have provided a reliable link that players can follow to get the right information. Also, along with questions, there are relevant links from google maps i.e. details about groceries and medical centers. This is more than a game, it is an app that will help people to keep their good terms in this pandemic. We can help each other by maintaining distance and staying together that’s what this app will do. Will keep busy in games and provide information so that everyone can help to win the fight over corona.

What's next for Conquer Corona (CC)

We want to separate fake news and correct news through this. Also in the future want to add gaming animations and geospatial real-time information to get information about the Coronavirus infected area and the location of the person. This will be added to minimize the risk of people going out by adding points to the game. Through this, we want to differentiate between correct information and fake news, along with the proper source of information. Want to keep quiz competition between players helps to correlate with each other. Planning to put game characters and function tools with preventive measures i.e. wear a mask, wash hands, etc. Want to add a link to nearby store i.e. medical facility, grocery.




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