We wanted to create an app that can be used by anyone, to help them make a good use of the time they have during the confinement.

What it does

Our app helps its users to keep busy productively, learning new skills, through a list of eclectic challenges.

How I built it

We used Vue Native to create an awesome user-friendly mobile app on both iOs and Android, and Spring to handle the API requests.

Challenges I ran into

Using an almost non-documented framework.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a very complete app from scratch.

What I learned

We learnt to use new tools, and how to make an effective use of our time.

What's next for Consvid-La-Tête-19

We want to implement a tremendous amount of new features, and maybe reconsider some of our deepest architecture choices. Our goal is to make an even more complete and user-friendly app.

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node.js, spring, vuenative

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