Inspiration: we have the thermal Scanners available right now which are quite expensive but using these scanners they can be made by any one at Home too and they can also be quite cheap to build it and scan the temperature

What it does

With the infrared sensor it will be able to identify the body temperature of a person and as the device is camera enabled the image of a person is captured with text annotated. Now here the images will be taken with the temperature recorded and will be sent to the government servers and so that it will be easier for the government people to identify the people who've had high temperature. As in right now because of Covid-19 to stop further prevention the people who have high temperature are needed to be tracked down and with the images which they already have it will be easy for the government to track down these people.

##How I built it

The project consists of Raspberry Pi, a Infrared Thermal Scanner, a camera and and LED display. I have used python in backend for the project development

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Contactless Infrared Thermal Scanner: building it to a full fledged product so that the governments can use it for diagnosing the temperature.



display, lcd, python, raspberry-pi, scanner, temperature, thermal

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