A pandemic in a sub-developed country has disastrous effects and many casualties. The population is aware of their limited capacities in curing the patients and hence are afraid of contracting the virus. It has been observed during Ebola and now again that people are too afraid to go to the hospital to get proper care due to the epidemic. It has been noticed that neither health workers nor patients dare go to the health institutions.

What it does

Our goal is to firstly find a way of raising awareness to this situation among the population. Moreover, following the model of the Early Detection and Prevention System (EDPS) created by Dr. Abraham George, we aim to create a way to perform pre-diagnosis of patients in a secure manner which minimizes the risk of contamination of both them and the health worker. The patients would go to a specially designed booth instead of the hospital to get medical help without the elevated risk of infection.

How I built it

Model drawn in Sketchup based on the EDPS. Everything is designed to minimize the spread of any virus. There are for example no doors that need to be touched.

Challenges I ran into

It is very hard to design anything for a completely different place without knowing the local circumstances. To overcome this we had a discussion with a nurse working in a maternity in Sierra Leone, that helped us identify some issues encountered on the field.  Our little experience still means that the help of health care professionals and people knowing the region will certainly be needed to put the booths in place.

What I learned

Understanding the local circumstances is essential to produce an useful project as the expectation of what the difficulties in a given situation might be and the reality of the field can sometimes very dissimilar.

What's next for Contactless Pre Diagnosis in sub saharan countries

Finalizing concept and estimate costs. Creating a life size prototype with the help of qualified health worker. This means having a booth with working equipment and a adaptation of the EDPS software to Sub Saharan diseases.




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