This idea was inspired by countless online and offline editors. It's always better to write code in a team, but git is now always fun.

What it does

CoopGameMaker gives it's users the ability to write p5.js (simple game making / visualization library) code in an online editor and immediately see the results. What makes it special is that you can edit the code with multiple people at the same time in the style of Google Docs.

For now, the cooperative feature is not yet implemented. The code that you can write is also pretty limited so far.

How I built it

I created a simple React + Node website.

Challenges I ran into

Error handling of the user's code turned out to be hard for me. For now, if the user writes code with errors, the website breaks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that it's deployed and there is at least a basic concept to show.

What I learned

Some new things about React and Node.

What's next for CoopGameMaker

Implementing authentication and cooperative code writing.

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node.js, p5, react

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