Why Coreise?

We love traveling. We love exploring new places, cultures and meeting new people who share the world with us. Travel guides are key connections in truly understanding the ethos of a land. Unfortunately, the current crisis has shuttered the livelihoods of millions of these ambassadors to the world.

How do we help?

Our platform empowers guides around the world to continue providing experiences to those under lockdowns and quarantine. Coreise allows for guides to create digital content, host live streamed tours and interact with travelers in a completely digital, covid-19 friendly way. In addition, we help foster contacts and relationships between travelers and tour providers that will continue long after the crisis.

About our product.

Coreise is a web platform built using Webflow. It has functionality that enables travelers to easily find tour guides across the world and engage in their live tours. The tour guides have access to a dashboard and resources which help them plan their tours, receive feedback and engage the community of travelers. The live streaming feature is built right into the web platform using integrations from YouTube, Twitch, etc. This allows tour guides to broadcast from their platform of choice while travelers have all their tours in once website.

Biggest Accomplishment

Coreise provides a solution to an industry where there were few alternatives before. Our platform gives the opportunity to earn a living and empower those hit hardest. It also allows people to getaway from the sobering reality of a pandemic and connect to new communities around the world. We walked into the hackathon with a desire to help small businesses and everything created was within the 48 hours provided.

Next Steps

We need partners to find out about us and establish trust. We need to streamline our platform and ensure quality live streams. Finally, we need outreach to communicate our solution to the world. Winning the #HackTheCrisisDK will help us with every one of these goals.

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