In this difficult context, we would like to submit a smartphone app proposal that could help limit and control the spread of the covid-19 pandemia. the idea is based on the fact that we are aware of the importance of social distancing in this context.

What it does

The main purpose of our app is to limit the spread of covid-19 by alerting its users of the contamination risks in their immediate environment. This, combined with early detection operations, will allow to slow down the virus spread.

How we built it

The app is built with react-native, nodeJs, and MongoDb.

Challenges we ran into

In order to have the app operating from its implementation, it will be necessary to get existing localization data paired with their temporal indexes, because we do not have sufficient time to collect the data via our app. Thus, we will need the inputs of other applications available on the market, apps such as : google maps, facebook, …

In order to guarantee data protection. The only information we need from other apps, is user (Id, location, correspondant time)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Including hospital staffs in the Coronavirus spread control. User interface of the app, wich is ready. Detailed documentation. Detailed study of all cases.

What we learned

We've learned to work in a group that has different profiles, using everyone's forces and combining our efforts to create something that will benefit our society We've also learned to overcome the obstacle of not being at the same place to get the work done and used all interfaces at our disposal to accomplish our task

What's next for CovidApp

The next step for us is to have access to user locations via other applications. Our H algorithm is under development.

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node.js, react-native

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