Currently, the whole world is struggling with the problems resulting from the Covid-19 virus. We, the founders of, want to connect system relevant organizations with helpful citizens locally on demand over our own created platform, starting from Germany and later on all over the world.  The current problem is that care workers are overburdened, grocery stores are overstrained and many organisations are reaching their limits.

What it does

Innovative solutions are needed in these difficult times. offers such a solution.  With the help of the platform, helpers are quickly and easily put in touch with the right organisations. This only refers to activities that are elementary for primary care.  By using individual strengths and resources, we can not only meet this challenge, but also work together collectively and thus make our contribution, thereby maintaining the basic care in Germany and later on all over the world - and at the same time strengthening solidarity.

How I built it

I started planning the platform with two friends and built it with Wordpress combined with the theme "Jobify" which includes the plugin "WP Job Manager" and some addons, which are powerd by WooCommerce technology.

How we want to revamp it

We just started to revamp the whole platform with React and Node.js. So we need developers who are familiar with these technologies.

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately, it's not easy to customize the theme, so I had to implement many plugins, which are bad for the performance. Furthermore we had to buy add-on plugins for "WP Job Manager" to get all the functionalities we needed.  Nevertheless it would be great if we could work with some professional Web developing professionals which are able to re-build the platform on a higher level.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Within 5 days, we found over 20 competent teammates from all over Germany which are supporting us with Sales, Marketing, Sourcing and PR. We successfully connected a CRM system (HubSpot) which is very useful (but also expensive). Just yesterday I received a phone call from a large international IT Consulting company that wants to cooperate with us if we take part at this Hackathon and the number of teammates is still growing. I'm working 16 hours a day for 8 days now - and even if we still are in the beginning of this project, I'm very proud of what we already accomplished.

What I learned

I learned that when you really want to reach something and put all your efforts into it, you will unleash unexpected powers. And if you have over 20 teammates which are doing the same, you will fly like a rocket!

What's next for (Volunteering platform)

We now want to introduce our platform in Germany and build a community of volunteers to start with. For that, we will use Social Media Marketing - we are cooperating with some big nation-wide influencers (e.g. two former models that took part in Germany's Next Topmodel) and also two of the biggest German TV stations are supporting us with Marketing strategies. We realistically estimate that we will reach more than a million people in Germany alone.

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