Wanted to help with the coronavirus outbreak and one of the best ways to help is to teach people the importance of social distancing and why statistics that early on looks comfortable, suddenly turns disastrous due to the exponential nature of contagious viruses.

What it does

It is a simulator that shows the development of viruses, the impact on the healthcare system and the effect of different mitigation strategies such as social distancing and closing countries.

The simulator does have many parameters and can be hard to learn so the simulator is accompanied by three tutorial that starts with a simple version of the simulator and adds complexity as you progresses. The tutorials are:

  1. Why social distance is crucial
  2. Why hospital capacity matters
  3. What can we do and when will it end?

Try it out at:

How I built it

The application is build using Angular and deployed to a Firebase Hosting server. Bootstrap is used for responsive behavior.

Challenges I ran into

It is hard to develop a complex simulator that is easy to understand. The first version was mainly targeted a desktop environment, but many users accessed the site using mobile phones. Hence, I had to rethink the design to be more mobile friendly (it's okay, but still not there).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am not working as a programmer and haven't programmed for a while. Proud of being able to develop an application, getting it to a state where it can be released and contribute to fighting the pandemic.

What I learned

The tech stack worked better than expected and the Angular CLI is quite powerful in its latest version.  Another thing is the importance of marketing and how challenges it is to spread the knowledge of new projects to a wider audience.

What's next for - COVID-19 Virus simulator

Want to create more interactive visualizations to help people understand and navigate in these challenging times. The first one is a social distance test and the next planned tool is for prioritizing different digital solution to put in place when the quarantine measures are loosened to avoid a second wave.

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angular.js, bootstrap, firebase

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