Following friends on Facebook going through it day by day Realising that there was no good source of information on what it was like to be sick at home, found the videos fascinating. Also more over time - people getting sick - then first friends recovering - found it very uplifting In an international group and discussing on telegram and zoom calls what it is like Also working on some other projects - especially around working with blood plasma and antibody therapy using plasma from recovered patients. Finally Aitor, one of our group, mentioned someone asking why there was not one yet in Spain....

COVID-19 spreads on an exponential level - we want to spread our solidarity message even faster!

What it does

Social media network and community to connect recovered, recovering, and the concerned

How we built it

Focus on existing social platforms with many users: Facebook - slightly older generation Instagram - young generation, more graphical Linkedin - for employers

Challenges we ran into

Getting alignment around what we would actually do - and it was great to have Mart turn ideas into visuals and Julia to put things into place

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Web site launched Facebook group launched - over 100 members in just a few days

What we learned

There is definitely a need We need to support different languages WE can gather content from other recovered stories to keep things animated We need to seed the community with questions

What's next for CORONA NATION

Regional groups multiple languages automate content sharing across the communities

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