Inspiration: On this current situation COVID19 affected patient count will be growing exponentially and WHO declared that COVID19 outbreak is a global pandemic. Our medical resources are reducing day to day and Doctor and medical staffs are also affected with corona virus because they are directly connected with COVID19 patients. The crisis of shortage of doctors and medical staff in this critical situation is a most crucial scenario. So, this is very important to protect doctors and medical staff’s for our society. Apart from that coronavirus is very infectious disease, very easily spread through touching. Considering this aspect, we designed a glove that is the very helpful to protect doctors and medical staffs from coronavirus without harming our resources.

What it does :

As per WHO, alcohol is a chemical which will able to destroy novel Corona Virus by breaking their outer lipid-coat. Basis of this concept the present innovation is introduce a special type of gloves that is capable to wet its contact surface by alcohol in every 20 min. and the alcohol comes automatically  from the  embedded container.      The alcohol container (60 ml) and a lightweight specially designing pump,   controlling unit is connected with the alcohol container for the alcohol ejection time to time. The alcohol come from the container and spread on gloves contact surface through the pipe-line and disinfects the gloves.

How I built it:

The effective model introduced with self-disincentive intelligent gloves. The gloves integrated with the module of self-disinfection with alcohol carrying small container and a mini lightweight pump. The alcohol able to destroy novel coronavirus by breaking their outer lipid-coat. Alcohol have the capability to destroy other infected virus/ other bacteria as well. This special type of gloves eject alcohol from all the pore of thin pipe grid embedded with gloves surface on 20 munities of time interval. This time interval will also able to change according to requirement. The alcohol container populated at upper portion of gloves with the capacity of 60 ml alcohol contenting for 5 ml ejection of each interval. The facility is introduced to restore alcohol after it finish at 8 hrs. of interval for continuous use. The self-disinfectant module is introducing in Personal protective equipment (PPE). In case of PPE, this module it carries total two 1.2liter alcohol pouches encapsulation one for upper PPE and another for lower PPE. The pored pipe grid distributed across the PPE surface with proper integration. Every 20 minutes of interval 30 ml alcohol ejected at the surface of PPE and disinfect the external part of PPE. Alcohol pouches need to replace 8 hrs interval on the basis of continuous use of Self Disinfectant Module.      The manual switch is incorporated as per the requirement of no/off of this module. The 60 ml alcohol contenting module is introduced separately for frequently touchable places such as door /window knob, railing of stairs, ATM keyboard, Left switches, other switches etc. In case of frequently touch required place, a transparent flexible plastic module is encapsulated with Self Disinfectant Module. The pipe line connected with the plastic and container capable to carry 60 ml alcohol. 20 minutes of interval the alcohol ejected automatically and wash out the transparent plastic using alcohol. The transparent plastic insulates the electronic switch of ATM, lift or others from alcohol drenching. This invention claims its importance on the basis of present scenario of world and it is obvious to introduce in new industry sector.

Challenges I ran into :

I have to design a special pumping unit because it should be one directional alcohol flow and to be leakage proof.


After this gloves I am designing a total PPE suit with automatic alcohol sanitizer module.



alcohol, arduino, c++, gloves, lipo, pump

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