What it does

It is common knowledge that the CoronaVirus can spread from one person to another through contact and air particles released by the infected during coughing, sneezing or spitting. Thus, a range of 6 feets around the infected person is identified as a danger zone.

Given the current medical facilities, it is not possible to test each and every person in the poplulation for COVID-19, thus only those who show symptoms or those who came in direct contact with the infected are tested. But it is a very humungous task to locate every single person with whom the infected came in contact with. The fact that a patient might not show symptoms upto several days, makes things very difficult for our health service officials.

What we plan to do is to store the history of all persons that an individual came in contact with along with the time this contact occured. Now in case a person is found covid19 positive, then all the people who came in contact with him/her in the last 14 days are notified and are marked to be at high risk. Also, all those persons who came in contact with these high risk individuals (after they came in contact with the infected) are marked to be at moderate risk and also notified. This is done because these high risk individuals might be carrying the virus for several days and may have infected others. We are also notifying people if these infected/ high-risk/ moderate-risk individuals break their quarantine are coming in contact with them.

How we built it

We got the idea around 4-5 days back. One of us had worked on Google's Nearby Android Connections API, which utilizes the discovery phase of Bluetooth connections. We thought of combating this dire situation using this powerful tool which could create transient cluster networks for all the users and therefore make sure that all my contact history is safely stored on the cloud. Later on, if incase someone is detected as positive, all people who came in contact with that person will receive a notification to get themselves tested.

Challenges we ran into

None of us were pro at development, but we had an idea, and we wanted to fulfil it. We did make sure to make the app scalable at all times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From a no-voice at App development, to an extremely scalable and functioning app in 4 days is an accomplishment that no one can steal from us.

What we learned

What's next for Corona Tracker

We are planning to add additional statistical information and also preventive measures to the app. We also plan to provide the nearby hospitals of at-risk population, so that they can prepare and give these patients priority in testing.

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