I wanted to try my new django skills out, as I only had little experience in web developement. Corona Virus seems like a good excuse to learn new things.

What it does

It monitors in real time, async, the count of people with Corona Virus in targeted loacations, geolocations and marks the 5 latest cases on a map, and tracks with a costco api where the latest sighting of toilet paper is

How I built it

I used the django framework with a restful api, and used react as a frontend. I built most of the data management with models; however, I still rely heavily on apis, such as the Corona virus one.

Challenges I ran into

I really didn't want to be soley dependant on apis, so I tried to webscrape with selenium with mild success; (that is how I got the costco csv files to download)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I never worked with react or javascript, so it was a difficult experience in the beginning to research rather than to code.

What I learned

I learned that most coding practices are interchangable. I found, to others disagreement, that django is the fastest way to develope a webapp.

Try It out



costco-api, django, googlemaps-api, node.js, selenium

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