South Corea, Taiwan, and Singapore are examples of how to use tech to contain transmission and optimize government resources.

What it does

It's a platform that uses web, native apps, bots that run on cloud providers to support the most impactful features for governments and citizens.

The web, infrastructure and API layer which are currently demonstrated take a person's phone number and takes care of him/her. First, we send them information related to their location such as the number of cases on their area, and emergency notifications. On the web page, they can check their symptoms and see what actions is required such as quarantine for mild cases, testing and/or hospitalization depending on local government directions.

The systems send SMS's or make robocalls every day to request an updated on symptoms.

The native application is used in case of positive confirmations for Covid-19. It sets a geofence around the home of the infected person and alerts them in case they live their home. It could be requested by the local government to be installed after positive tests, otherwise, other people can install the App and be notified when an infected person is around. This is anonymized following patterns.

If a healthy person with the app gets infected, they can notify every one of their contacts they have been with, and also notify anonymously via the app anyone they have crossed path with.

It's a platform based on a web page, a native app and a serverless backend system that's constantly monitoring the situation and it's connected with government institutions.

How I built it

Using my years of experience developing serverless applications and static frontend PWA's and using infrastructure from Twilio and AWS I started talking to government officials and scientists to discover the features that can afford the greatest impact.

Challenges I ran into

Government corruption. There are still lot's of individual interest being set in front of the common good. I bet this is exactly what happens in every country.

The technology and development are very mature, and it's not complicated to develop.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to architect and develop a platform that can

What I learned

The world has not changed yet, every country must experiment with the virus themselves to react because people don't learn by seeing other people's experiences on TV.

What's next for

For the native app to be completed and the divulgation process to be started on every country using social network influencers.

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