Coronarate is tapping to the unrealized potential of citizen science to track the progress of the pandemic.

Coronate recognizes that the data generated by citizens has tremendous potential to support the work of the healthcare professionals globally.

What it does

For tracking the coronavirus symptoms (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath), we use three simple sliders for each symptom in a scale from 0 to 5. It’s an easy-to-use reporting system to follow mild and severe symptoms – also for older people.

As a result, a global heatmap is created to visually monitor the symptoms. Each symptom can be tracked separately via layers on the map, providing statistics for medical use. Also we get timeline statistics over time on the progression of the pandemia. This is very valuable information for decision-makers locally and regionally.

How we built it

We built in onto our existing citizen science platform,

Challenges we ran into

Anonymity, data privacy issues, GDPRS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In this great hackatlon we have developed the service together with United nations Technical Innovation Lab. It took several months to make that happen

What we learned

Mentors are reeeeeally valuable!

What's next for Coronarate

In the end of this great hackatlon on Sunday we will launch Coronarate with our in-house network including 10,000 schools in over 120 countries to make a quick global spread for helping the world.

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